Include five major components that enable them to revolutionize construction sites

Our robots combine advanced AI functionality with versatile industrial robot capabilities to bring new functionality and productivity to the messy, disorganized, and often dangerous environments of the construction site.

Mobile platform

A versatile platform that enables the robot to traverse the rough terrain of the construction site autonomously and reach almost any point of a building by use of an extender

Multi-purpose robotic manipulator

An advanced industrial 6 degrees of freedom robotic arm that is capable of many functions (using interchangeable components), such as grabbing, 3D-printing, and high-speed rotation

End Effector

A proprietary gripper for “pick and place” operations or controlled extruder (for additive manufacturing tasks)

Advanced sensors

Okibo robots utilize an array of sensors to collect information from their surroundings. This includes computer vision sensors, passive lasers (LiDar), and motion sensors. The combination of these sensors enables the creation of a multi-dimensional sensor-fusion map which provides real-time scene identification for the robot

High-speed algorithms

Intelligent software that can quickly adjust the robot’s operations to changing local conditions, as attained by the sensor array